Sony F5 cameras now available to hire at Studio Sitges

Por Adam March 01, 2015
Sony F5 cameras now available to hire at Studio Sitges

When your project means everything, don’t cut corners.

Now at Studio Sitges you can hire the outstanding Sony F5 camera for your shoot. And start recording internally with an eye-popping 4K.

500 engineers worked on this camera for two years. And they got a tonne of industry feedback to raise standards further. The result? The F5 is an impressive piece of kit that provides you with a gorgeous HD experience.

For you technical junkies, check out the full spec here. And there’s a lot of information here at this Sony community page.

Used by discerning filmmakers and advertisers around the world, the F5 is going to set your visuals apart from the crowd. So whatever story you need to tell, make sure you tell it with the Sony F5 and Studio Sitges. And make every pixel count.

Located near Barcelona, we’re taking equipment and studio bookings now. For more details please get in touch on +34 620 222 239.

Studio Sitges Welcomes Mercedes Benz

Por Adam October 01, 2014
Studio Sitges Welcomes Mercedes Benz

Mercedes Benz has the highest standards and they’re always striving for perfection.

Their cars are crafted with beautiful designs, built with precision engineering and their attention to detail is astonishing. So they always demand the best from everyone.

Which is why we’re really proud that Mercedes chose Studio Sitges to shoot their new flagship model, the AMG GT – which was officially launched on the 9th September.

It’s a beautiful car and was a perfect match for our contemporary photography studio. If you want to see why Mercedes hired our state of the art studio, please contact us here.

6m x 8 m Hand Painted Canvas

Por Adam July 10, 2014
6m x 8 m Hand Painted Canvas

Here at StudioSitges we like old-school. The beauty of a hand-painted canvas backdrop cannot be matched.

Some of the world’s most famous artistic photographers are known for their stunning portraiture due to their selection of canvas as a backdrop. Annie Leibowitz’ celebrity shots, Richard Avedon’s fashion pics and Joel Peter-Witkin’s artistic ensembles would never have achieved their greatness if not for the allure of the canvas backdrop.

Now available at StudioSitges, we can offer our huge 6m x 8m hand painted canvas backdrop to add that classical look to your production.